Health Benefits of Taking a Holiday

Every day is the same. You go to work, you come home, you spend time with your family or friends and maybe you get to complete some chores. Saturdays and Sundays pass by in a flurry of activities or if you are lucky, maybe deep slumber. But before you know it, Monday looms. It is a never ending cycle and sometimes you might feel like you need a break from it all, except that you don’t have the time. And when you don’t respond to the warning signs your brain has been sending out, your body takes things into its own hands and forces you to do so by falling sick.

But why take a break only when you fall sick? Be it an adventure travel tour, a family holiday with children, a supported holiday for a traveller with a disability or even hoping on a cruise ship, there are actually health benefits of taking a holiday which far outweigh the excuses.

Stress Levels Decrease

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When you leave the daily grind behind, the constant pressure of work, tasks and responsibilities are behind you and instead, you face rest and relaxation. Even if it is just for a few days, this lift decreases stress levels, and in turn, reduces blood pressure and improves health overall.

Emotional Balance Attained

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Spending time exploring a new place, tasting new foods, learning about a new culture or just enjoying the sights levels you out and creates a sense of inner peace. This makes you emotionally more stable. Your confidence levels and sense of self worth will then also increase, making you happier in turn. Holidays for families with children with special needs or disabilities are highly recommended as time spent in a new place together foster bonds that the normal day to day routine is unable to.

Immunity Levels Boosted

With decreased stress and a happier you, along with the relaxation that comes from a properly planned holiday, your well rested body is better equipped to fight off infections and illnesses.

Increased Creativity and Productivity

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A well rested mind and body will then function at its best. Being in new places away from the mundane can inspire new ideas and motivate you. Having time to recharge also increases mental alertness which aids in productivity.

So go ahead. Take some time out. Go for a holiday. You not only get to visit a new place, experience something different and create memories; you are also taking care of your emotional well being and mental health.

*Leisure Options is Australia’s leading provider of supported disability travel and holidays for individuals with special needs. We specialise in providing local, national and international holidays for people with physical and intellectual disabilities, acquired brain injury, anyone requiring a travel companion and the frail or elderly.

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