Holiday Guarantee

Giving you peace of mind

We guarantee to run every advertised Leisure Options holiday that has at least one or more fully paid booking, or your next equivalent holiday is FREE! This guarantee covers Leisure Options holidays all year round, helping to take the stress out of planning your next trip.


Our holiday guarantee means you will never be told one of our tours is cancelled due to low traveller numbers.


The Leisure Options holiday guarantee also gives you certainty when planning your holiday. You know exactly when your travel begins and ends, so all you need to do is pack your bags and leave it to us to plan a holiday full of fun and enjoyment.

We understand that planning a holiday is not just about the person going away, but also about other family/house members and the impact on their plans should the holiday be cancelled. With our guarantee in place, you can now comfortably proceed with organising your own affairs, knowing they will never be impacted by a holiday cancellation.


Leisure Options is your consistent and reliable nationally accredited travel agency with years of experience tailoring disability travel packages for all your needs. Our holiday guarantee means that your relaxing holiday feeling can begin as soon as you book with us.