About Us

Do you dream of being pampered in Daylesford, cruising the Great Barrier Reef or dancing your days away at the Tamworth Country music festival? We aim to fulfil our travellers holiday dreams, safely and professionally while showcasing the best Victorian, interstate and international destinations.

Barrier-free holidays

We focus on breaking through the emotional and physical barriers to travel often experienced by people with disabilities. We make the "impossible", possible, by ensuring that all of our tours are inclusive and most of all, fun.

Personalised attention

Our holidays offer an exceptionally high level of care and personalised attention. At Leisure Options we make this happen through our:

Holiday categories which guide you to choose a holiday that suits your individual capabilities, interests and needs

Holiday ratios assist our staff to provide the most appropriate level of attention and care (1:4=one staff member to 4 travellers, 1:2 and 1:1)

Our Travellers

Leisure Options travellers come in all shapes and sizes but all share a common goal of desiring a fun filled and memorable holiday experience. We ensure this happens through our friendly and dedicated staff, meticulous planning, organisation and attention to detail along with great value for money tours.

It doesn't matter where you live in Australia, Leisure Options can organise travel arrangements for you to join us along the way or meet us at the destination. If necessary, we can arrange for a Tour Leader to pick you up and travel with you.

Would you prefer to holiday as an individual or join one of our boutique group tours? Perhaps you'd like to relax at our eco-friendly beach house on the famous Great Ocean Road. Whatever your dream, Leisure Options can make it come true.