Disability Travel: Cruise Holidays with Carers for Individuals with Special Needs

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Everyone needs a holiday now and then to relax and unwind. Not only are they a great way to take a short break from our busy lives, they’re fantastic for creating memories that last a lifetime. For travellers with disabilities, a cruise supported holiday is a great option. Cruises are a popular and accessible travel option that allows you to explore any part of the world, and with the help of a qualified carer from an experienced holiday agency, they can be stress-free as well.

Why Choose a Cruise Holiday with a Qualified Carer?

For anyone who is seeking a holiday for traveller with disability, the beautiful surrounding waters and breathtaking sights, make it a perfect cruise destination. Cruises are a popular holiday choice because they’re affordable, convenient, and no matter where the cruise takes you, the ship itself has tons of food and fun activities.

Cruise holidays with a qualified carer provided by a holiday agency are different from other types of holidays because they’re both convenient and rewarding. With a professional carer, travellers have the opportunity to exercise their independence and try new things. Travellers with carers can take full advantage of their holiday and don’t have to worry about the hassles of organising the trip. Unlike a trip to a city or theme park, cruises don’t require half as much planning and are a unique and exciting experience.

A Good Time That’s Good for Your Health

While it’s well known that any type of holiday is helpful in reducing stress, cruises with a qualified carer can result in even more added benefits. A qualified carer not only provides service to the traveler so that they have the best experience possible, but they also give peace of mind to friends and family that their loved one is in good hands.

Aside from providing a much-needed break, the sunshine and fresh ocean air you take in on a ship will have additional health benefits. The sun provides vitamin D to help the body absorb calcium, and the ocean air helps to clean out the lungs. Supported holidays in Australia are also very social experiences, which can help to bring shyer travellers out of their shells and boost their overall mood.

An Experienced Holiday Agent is a Must

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A holiday agent is a great help in planning a holiday for travellers with disabilities. They can reduce stress and save you a lot of time, money, and hassle by using their expert insights to offer support. They’re able to provide a professional carer that is familiar with your unique needs, whether that be for one-on-one care or for a group. A specialised holiday agent for travellers with special needs will be able to help make accommodations in advance so that the trip goes smoothly. A good holiday agent can also help you choose the cruise ship that’s the best fit for you, set up travel to and from the cruise ship, and make sure to book a room that is accessible.

So Get Out There!

A cruise with carer support is well worth checking out for anyone looking for a great disability holiday in Australia. A holiday can do wonders for your health and overall wellbeing, not to mention they’re downright fun! So what are you waiting for? Get started on planning your own cruise holiday adventure today!

*Leisure Options is Australia’s leading provider of supported disability travel and holidays for individuals with special needs. We specialise in providing local, national and international holidays for people with physical and intellectual disabilities, acquired brain injury, anyone requiring a travel companion and the frail or elderly.

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