The rolling out of the NDIS has certainly been keeping us on our toes in the Leisure Option’s office. Fortunately we can assure you that we are starting to get our heads around it all!

Leisure Options successfully registered with the NDIS in July 2013 in Victoria and NSW when the first trial commenced in the Barwon region. Since then we have been approved for numerous other categories and are now successfully working with our travellers and their respective support coordinators to facilitate holiday bookings. Whilst we are far from experts in this field, our experience to date has led us to establish a closer working relationship with the NDIS in order to develop a smooth path that is successful for all parties.

Sharing of information amongst the relevant parties has proven to be extremely helpful and we thank all those people for their patience and understanding as we progress through these unchartered waters. One thing is for certain, the NDIS is here to stay. We welcome this, have embraced its challenges, and will continue to work tirelessly to pave the way for our travellers to continue to explore the wonderful world of travel.

For any questions regarding Leisure Options’ holidays and the NDIS please give us a call and we will endeavour to help in any way possible.