Leisure Options is delighted that the introduction of the NDIS has meant that more people with a disability are able to achieve their goals through supported travel.

Prior to the introduction of the NDIS, lack of money meant that Daniel had never been able to travel independently. Daniel is the oldest of five boys and his mother firmly believed that “Dan was lacking in confidence and experiencing a sense of loss at being left behind as he wasn’t out there like his brothers – having his own holiday – creating his own memories and exploring the world”.

One of Daniel’s NDIS goals was “To get out more and socialise with people other than his family.” By utilising some of Daniel’s NDIS funding to pay for his care hours along with money from Daniel’s savings he could finally realise his aspiration to travel independently and socialise outside his family unit. With help from his support coordinator, Daniel booked with Leisure Options on a group tour to the Yarra Ranges.

Daniel’s initial tour was such a great success that he enthusiastically joined the Beach and Bay Getaway. Daniel’s mother has been astounded by the positive changes in her son. “The biggest bonus for us on this holiday was to see that the tour leaders were actually able to convince Dan to get into the water at the beach and body surf. This is something we have never been able to achieve, even at the pool in Cairns.”

According to his mum “Dan is a much happier young man since he’s been on his holidays as he now has something to talk about with his family. She says he comes home full of cheer and happier and more talkative than she has ever seen him”. His speech therapist has also noticed a difference as ‘Daniel has so many new experiences to share with her that she cleverly integrates into his sessions using the Leisure Options holiday photo album. Travelling independently has also made a huge difference to Dan’s confidence. “I think his holidays have been a real confidence booster and he’s out there learning social skills that open up opportunities of creating life friendships!” His mother says he has now happily gone twice to a monthly disco that previously he never wanted to attend.

Gary Elliott, owner of Leisure Options says that “Supported holidays offer a lot more than just fun for travellers with a disability. As a registered NDIS service provider the company offers tours that allow travellers to work towards achieving goals such as greater independence, improved confidence, community engagement, socialisation and development of life skills in a safe and inclusive environment. We find that people are more likely to try new experiences or move out of their comfort zone when away on holiday and supported by our kind, enthusiastic and friendly staff. “

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