Holidays with Hearing Loss: A Vibrant Sensory Experiences


If you have hearing loss you may be familiar with the challenges travelling can present, especially when it comes to communication on the road. But one company that is tackling this issue is Connect Hearing. They recently reached out to the various businesses with a similar focus on accessibility to get their tips on travelling with hearing loss. We were thrilled to feature in their article ‘Ideas for Travelling with Hearing Loss‘.

At Leisure Options, we’re dedicated to making sure all our customers enjoy travel. There’s every reason why the hard of hearing can enjoy travel just as much as everyone else. Leisure Options offers a comprehensive program of experiences, themes and tour options providing great holidays and travel. Our tours aim to showcase the very best of Victorian, interstate and international destinations. We develop bespoke and innovative travel solutions to help break down the tangible and intangible barriers to travel.

Our highly trained staff will take the time to get to know you, to make sure they can offer you all the help and support you need, should you feel you need it. Many of our staff are also able to communicate in basic Auslan sign language. We make sure holidays are enjoyable by providing experiences that are stimulating for all the senses. If you’re planning your next trip, get in touch with us to discuss what you want out of a holiday and we’ll have plenty of inspiring ideas for you to choose from. Our comprehensive application form provides staff with specific details pertaining to each traveller and their unique care requirements, so you’ll never have to worry about struggling with communication while on the road.

One of our most popular tours is to the Gold Coast. There is so much to see and do, plus the weather is pretty amazing year-round, making it a highly appealing destination. For anyone who is hard of hearing our tour is ideal as it’s designed to stimulate all five senses – the live performances and parades are highly visual, the animal encounters are tactile, and the food is delicious! Above all, our holidays are inclusive and they’re great fun. Read Connect Hearing’s article for more travel inspiration or get in touch with us if you want to find out more about the holiday experiences we offer.

*Leisure Options is Australia’s leading provider of supported disability travel and holidays for individuals with special needs. We specialise in providing local, national and international holidays for people with physical and intellectual disabilities, acquired brain injury, anyone requiring a travel companion and the frail or elderly.

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