Leisure Options Assistance Packages

We’re here to help if you need us

Australia will go into shutdown from Monday 23rd March 2020 with only essential services remaining open as part of an unprecedented nationwide effort to stop the spread of coronavirus. COVID-19 has the potential to seriously impact disability service providers and their activities. This means that many people will no longer be able to attend workplaces, day programs and other activities that have become an important part of their life. The challenges appear exponentially greater for individuals living with disability. People with disability have expressed concerns that they won’t be able to access basic daily supports if they need to self-isolate, or if their support workers become sick and are unable to work. We all need to take immediate actions to maintain client and staff safety.

At Leisure Options we understand how vulnerable many of our travellers are and how shutdowns, self isolation and social distancing rules mean they may be unable to access many of their usual supports. Daily routines have been disrupted for many people with disabilities, there are sick support workers, limited opportunities to get to the shops for supplies and difficulty with isolation practices in shared accommodation. People are fearful of leaving the house and using taxi’s which is increasing their isolation, not to mention what happens if there is a confirmed case of COVID 19 in a shared accommodation.

Leisure Options is in a strong position to help both now and into the future.

Some ways that Leisure Options can help

Providing transport options to appointments, work, programs, the shops or anywhere you need to go

The company owns two vehicles including a wheelchair accessible vehicle. All social distancing guidelines are being adhered to in vehicles. We adopt the highest standards in cleaning and hygiene of buses and cars including strict disinfection of all surfaces. We can get you to the shops at 7am to ensure you have all the provisions you require. A reliable source of transport with highly skilled staff gives you peace of mind that you will be ok. Let us help you get safely to wherever you need to be.

Providing individual respite/relief

The company has purpose-built accommodation at Anglesea that is used solely by Leisure Option’s travellers. It has 5 bedrooms, 3 showers, 3 toilets and ample space for social distancing. We are currently offering single room use for maximum of three people only. There are numerous recreational options in this remote community and if you need to be isolated there are games, movies, karaoke and lots of fresh air at the house. We also have an approved property in Bendigo that can house two individuals with staff. All meals will be prepared at home to avoid social interactions. We follow the highest standards in cleaning and hygiene of all accommodation including strict disinfection of surfaces, bathrooms, tables, light switches, door handles, remote controls and other items.

Providing staff to help you

All Leisure Options tour leaders are fit, healthy and happy to work. They have completed the COVID 19 infection control online training through Australian Department of Health and all will have had influenza vaccinations as soon as available. All staff have DWES and Police check, first aid and medication training. No matter what you need and when you need it, we will attempt to find someone to help you.

How we will protect your health

Temperature monitoring for all staff and clients has been introduced. Hand washing protocols are stringently adhered to along with use of hand sanitisers. The company has a ready store of hand sanitiser, face masks, gloves and other equipment that may be required. Staff have 24 hour contact with a Nurse to support the health of staff and travellers.

When you might need us

  • If you find yourself short staffed
  • Relocation of healthy individuals from home or shared accommodation due to close exposure or confirmed diagnosis
  • House evacuation for special cleans and sanitation
  • Illness of primary carer
  • Errands and shopping
  • Respite
  • You are struggling with isolation
  • Loss of services

We hope that providing you with these options will enhance your continuation of services and enable you to continue to receive your essential supports. You can access these options using your NDIS funding. By working together and all doing what we can, hopefully we will minimise the impact of this virus on vulnerable individuals and people with disabilities. Please feel free to share this information if there are others you know who could use our assistance.

Call us on 03 9646 0666 or email info@leisureoptions.com.au to discuss how we can help you during this period of uncertainly.